Face Masks has become a necessity for safety use in our Society today. Wow, who would have thought products like Masks, Gloves, Disinfectant SpraysHand Sanitizers and even Tissue Papers, yes – I said it, would be considered  high essential commodities and in most states, scarce to come by – all are necessities needed for daily safety and hygiene.

Even though some people use a simple scarf to cover their faces, I must say that would not be ideal . Scarves used to cover faces would not be an effective way of breathing filtered air.  Air filteration never did occur to me as I thought any form of mask could be enough to protect us  from air pollutants . Well, that seem to not be the case, till  I watched and read some articles shedding lights on filtered masks and those without filteration by some well known renowned Doctors. May I suggest you include filters in your Homemade Masks as well, for effective results?
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I must say, we are all trying to take proper precautions and staying safe in these unprecedented days ahead. Some of us have purchased never-ending bottles of hand sanitizers, (you know who you are..), stocks and stocks of toilet tissues (Guilty!) and gallons of water . Oh yes, believe it or not, sales of such may seem to have slowed down  but  stocking up of these necessities are still ongoing.

Anyway, I thought I should share my findings on Quality, Filtered and Affordable Face Masks made available. As this would be seem to be our lifestyle for days ahead. Some of  these masks can be used for a while before disposing of them while others simply require valve or Filter replacements.  Replacement of valves does come included in the purchase  of these brand of Masks. Filters embedded in masks, such as Homemade ones can be interchanged  or replaced. We have Bulk Purchases available and clicking on the images below would take you to the site. Please, browse through and choose what fits your budget.

By the way, using Amazon Prime can earn you some perks such as free shipping, Music, etc for one month. Medicaid and EBT recipients including Students can have access to great discounts, as well.


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